Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a suited application designed for people that work with multiple accounts but need live access to each of them. Nowadays, not only businessmen require quick access to multiple mail accounts, as simple users might also have more than one account of this type. Logging in and out of each one is a hard task, but there are tools that make the whole process much more simple, one of them being the presented one. This tool provides quick access to multiple accounts with live updates regarding each of them.

The tool is installed with ease and the customization possibilities are also pretty interesting. The interface of the application is minimalist and it features a list with every account that is currently connected. The list can be expanded so the latest emails received on each account will be displayed and the unread ones are marked by bold text. The number of recent emails can be set up from one to ten and if the interface does not provide enough space on the screen, users can scroll down to see everything.

Whenever a mail is received on any of the accounts, a customizable sound alert will trigger and a notification in the lower right area of the screen will also be displayed. This way, users can easily be informed about the emails that they receive. The application can be configured to work in real-time, providing information about emails as soon as they are received in the mailbox. However, certain intervals can be set up and the tool will only refresh the mailboxes during those times, although this feature is not really recommended, especially when emails need to be responded quickly. Emails can be composed even when the user is in the offline mode and they can be sent whenever an internet connection is available.

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