Since three decades the most powerful typing software being used is the Ultrakey. This software is successful and is based on effective methodology. There are various types of typing programs which are based on games but this software program is more motivating and stimulating for the learners who want to become skilled at touch type.

This software is based upon a very attainable and clear path of learning to be an expert typist with lesson objectives. These are easy to understand, follow an accumulative curriculum and are combined with notable usability and rich functionality. These features make it one of the best in the industry. This software is of great utility among training centers, correctional facilities, libraries and various other organizations. It is also perfect to be used at home. The adaptable training methodology, logical instructions and cumulative based learning process makes the software greatly popular in the market.

This software tracks both typing speed and accuracy. The skill assessments are in-depth and more precise. The software does not only provide with an approximate accuracy percentage but also analyzes the errors like incorrectly inserted keys, wrong keys and missed keys which caters with correct diagnosis of errors and accurate tracking. For enhancing the typing skills, Ultrakey is the best option.

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