Water Your Body

Water Your Body is an useful Android app designed keeping in mind the importance of drinking water for staying healthy. For those who forget drinking water regularly or not sure whether they drink enough water, this program is a must have. It reminds you to drink water daily and also tracks your water drinking habits. You simply need to enter your current weight and the app would help you determine how much water your body needs on daily basis. Add the glass of water in the application when you finish drinking one and the other will remain.

Drinking water has benefits like clearing up skin, staying in shape, increased fitness and healthy nails and skin. The program features reminders that alert you of the water to be drunk in the rest of the day. It has a customized imperial and cup or metric units. You can enter custom start and end time to drink water in a day. It features logs and graphs of date record. The perfect way to stay healthy, drinking enough water. A reliable app worth trying on PC! Download it using BlueStacks emulator for free!

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