The Walk : Fitness Tracker Game

Walk more each day with The Walk, designed by the Department of Health of UK and the NHS. It is basically a game that serves as a fitness tracker and keeps you fit and healthy in a fun and interesting way. When playing this game, each of your steps counts. The game play is very appealing. A bomb explodes and you get a package which can save the world. For staying alive, you need to walk through the UK. The program is more than a simple step counter or pedometer. It is a fun way to make your walking a challenge, a journey and an adventure.

The purpose of the program is to encourage users to walk on daily basis to improve their health. The powerful activity tracker keeps track of every walk you take and also maps it. The story of the game is very interesting and engaging. You walk through the whole of UK while evading the capture by enemy agents and police. You need to work out who set the bomb and their plans. Get ready for an adventure through 50 episodes, hundreds of miles and 800 minutes of audio. You get rewarded for walking more, collecting clues, unlocking achievements and scanning for info.

The best thing about the app is that it adjusts the difficulty based on the fitness levels of individuals. Each person gets the right level of challenge so as to benefit correctly. Download the application on your PC with BlueStacks emulator today!

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