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The Logo Creator is a graphic editing tool, which as its name suggests, is intended to help users create new logos or edit their existing logos to create new ones. This tool offers several templates that you can use to create or develop your logos. If you are looking for a tool to re-create an innovative logo based on your existing one or develop an entirely new logo that represents your ideals; this tool claims to offer all the ideal features to help accomplish your task.

However, the tool is a big application that consumes quite a bit of time to install and set-up. With a file size of over 35 MB and integrated with several JPEG and PNG files, you need to set aside some time for completing its installation and configuration process. Available on a free trial basis for a limited duration of 30 days or for a limited usage of 16 tries; you can use this tool to create logos with a professional dimension, thanks to the many features and tools offered by this utility. The tool offers different templates, which you can manipulate to create your own innovative logo designs. It claims to give a professional finish that guarantees to give you the same appeal and appearance of a professionally designed Photoshop logo.

Fast rendering is another significant functionality that helps to make your logos web-friendly. And this has been accomplished with its enhanced engine capabilities. Supported in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions; this tool is a product that has been designed and developed by Laughingbird Software. Some of the prominent features offered by this tool are its element setter that makes logo creation faster and simpler, customization features that help to create unique logos using the templates, and ability to save a logo template so that it can be re-used in future.

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