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Talking Translator Pro, as is evident from its name, is a language software tool that allows you to translate between 8 different languages. The tool claims to be a user friendly 4 in 1 language tool that can offer translation services, find word meanings, read out content from the clipboard or any file, and implement edit tasks on the translated text or save it as a new file. Supported with 23 language sets, the tool offers the ability to convert text to speech using engines that support around 12 different languages. And these search engines come at no extra cost!

You can obtain text to speech services in any language with the correct native accent with its text to speech feature that comes integrated in this tool. The translated text can also be edited and saved in multiple formats. The file formats supported in this context are Rich Text Format, Acrobat PDF, HTML, and TXT. The utility also contains an English dictionary feature that offers word meanings of any word in the English language. Editing of the text or its translation is made easy with the built-in Text Editor feature. This does away with the need to open or access any other tool for text editing.

There is also a File Reader feature that helps you to read text files including those in Rich Text Format, web format, or any content that has been copied to the clipboard. This tool claims to be an ideal utility for those engaged in translation services or even for those users looking forward to learning new languages. You can check out the trial version of the tool, which is available for a limited trial period of 15 days. The licensed version can be procured at a very nominal cost. You can implement this utility in Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8, XP, Vista, and Server versions.

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