Symbol Selector

Often users are unaware of the full potential that fonts and symbols already present on their system can perform, to bring out this potential use of Symbol Selector software. Symbol Selector not only lets the user use the symbols on their hard disk but also, Wingding and all the other TrueType fonts on the user’s computer in different ways that the user will not know of.The user has the benefit of using fonts in new sizes or in color or bold or italic.

User’s of Symbol Selector software is allowed to copy single symbols and characters to the Windows Clipboard in the Rich Text Format or RTF also the Windows Metafile (WMF) format. This software also allows the user to save single symbols and characters as graphic image files at Windows Metafile or WMF format or Windows Bitmap or BMP format. People can also paste copied and saved symbols on their system and characters in Microsoft Word and different applications available on Windows.

Symbol Selector software also allows the user to print the entire list of fonts present on the hard disk of the users system. Thus use of this tool allows the user to not only view the full potential of fonts, characters or symbols but also use it as a reference by taking print outs.

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