Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is a fully functional planetarium designed for mobile devices. This app displays a realistic sky map of night in three dimensions, resembling what you can see with naked eyes, telescope or binoculars. It comes with a sensor control that enables identifying what you see quickly simply by pointing the device at that. This makes the tool an award winning astronomy application on Android and you can now use it on your PC with BlueStacks App Player. The program features a highly intuitive touch screen interface and GPS positioning integration. It also gives the control of direction of view with accelerometers.

The most impressive is the huge catalog of more than 600,000 stars which are displayed in the form of a real time zoomable sky map. There is also a catalog of numerous galaxies and nebulae along with pictures. In addition to this, it shows the illustrations and asterisms of constellations for many sky cultures and the realistic Milky Way. You get to see realistic atmosphere and landscape with sunset, sunrise and light pollution simulation. There is a 3D rendering of all the solar system planets as well as their satellites. The night mode is great for enjoying a beautiful view of the universe.

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