Star Chart Infinite

Star Chart Infinite is the most popular astronomy app for Android designed to let you have a planetarium right in your pocket. With this tool, you can view the whole universe with the eyes of your device. All you need to do is point it at the sky and the app will tell you about what you are looking at. The program is powerful enough to calculate the real time location of each planet and star visible from the Earth and showing you precisely where they are. This is possible due to the latest functionality, state of the art GPS technology and an accurate 3D universe it features.

Whatever be the information you are looking for in the sky, this app serves you with all. Just point and view without the need to scroll to see what you are looking at. The app shows everything in the sky, all the planets of the solar system, the moon and the sun and all the constellations. The program depicts all of the 125, 000 starts accurately for both the northern and southern hemispheres. It includes the entire catalogue of 110 deep sky objects, location and time of major meteor showers, position of major satellites of the Earth, a set of extended objects like dwarf planets, moons and asteroids.

You can tap on any object to see the facts about what you are looking at, including the brightness and distance. The application features a powerful zoom function which allows viewing the sky in good detail. You can manually set the location to see how the object look like from specific part of the world. Learn about the universe with this fully featured app now available for PC for free trial. Go to the BlueStacks App Player and look for the app today!

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