SQL Assistant

SQL Assistant is one database software tool that could practically double the productivity of the SQL developers. This database productivity tool provides support to database developers working with databases provided by various vendors such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, and lots of others. This database application is extremely versatile in nature and users can utilize it for increasing the productivity of both small and very large database systems. Apart from doubling the productivity of the SQL developers, SQL Assistant is capable of providing for improvement in the code quality and accuracy of the database systems.

Database developers and DBAs are able to speed up the database developmental process by utilizing the third generation SQL IntelliSense, as well as, other SQL productivity tools this SQL Assistant provides to its users. This database application provides a number of other features to its users such as code assistance system and interactive SQL help, as well as, option for off-line syntax check. The ability of this application to integrate with a number of SQL and non-SQL editors allows its users to utilize all these useful features.

SQL Assistant provides its users with assistance for code typing, automatic word completion, browsing of database objects and attributes among a host of useful features. This database application has a comparatively small memory and disk footprint. The application installs extremely fast without interrupting any existing processes and the users can start using it right away. The software also provides options for enhancement of XML data import and generate new tables. Thus, SQL Assistant can be extremely useful in enhancing the productivity of the SQL developers and DBAs.

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