Smart Defrag 2

Smart Defrag 2 is a small but extremely reliable application that can be used mainly to defragment hard disk drive partitions. This process is crucial in order to maintain a high performance rating of the computer, as fragmented files that are spread across a hard drive will make it difficult even for Windows Explorer to read through all of that data. There are a lot of tools in the market that can perform disk defragmentations, but not all of them are also reliable. However, the presented tool does the job flawlessly and it visibly improves the performance of a PC.

The tool features two main defragmentation options. The first one consists of a fast process that completes everything within a couple of minutes, while the Smart Defrag tool aims to provide a maximum degree of defragmentation, even if it will take longer to complete. Individual files can also be defragmented and after this process is accomplished, it will be easier to work with them. People might think that such a tool needs a lot of resources in order to work, but while the defrag process is up and running, no more than 30MB of RAM memory will be used by the app.

However, if performance is required, the user can set up scheduled tasks in order to perform a defragmentation only while the computer is idle. The tool is not only useful for internal hard disks, as it is also extremely useful for external drives that might require a speed boost and a more precise file arrangement scheme. The interface is designed with shades of black and the elements are placed in an intuitive manner, in order to keep everything organized and allow both beginners and more advanced users to easily make use of every tool that this freeware application has to offer.

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