SmadAV is not an antivirus itself, but it provides a lot of tools that will easily integrate it along with the preferred protection bundle. The application is offered for free and users can install it in a matter of seconds, and afterwards they can create a unique profile with various settings that can provide a good amount of protection, besides what is already offered by an antivirus. Moreover, this tool will not interfere with the processes launched by the antivirus itself so both of them can run at the same time. The resource usage of this app is also very small and it will not affect a computer in any way.

The tool has a good USB antivirus feature and whenever such a device is connected to the computer, the app will briefly scan its content and if something malicious is detected, the user will be informed through the aid of a dialog box. The application receives constant updates from its developers but it is mainly intended for offline use. However, this does not mean that online users are not protected, as the app features settings similar to those of a firewall and it can prevent users from accessing malicious websites.

Registry issues might appear along with virus threats and this app can easily solve them, either automatically or manually, depending on the settings chosen by the user. However, a back-up of the Registry will be created and if something goes wrong, the tool can easily revert to the old Registry. The settings are contained in almost ten different tabs of the application and each of them contains mainly check boxes which can be used in order to set up various settings. There are also more advanced customizable fields and they can provide increased functionality of this aiding tool.

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