Readiris Pro

Readiris Pro is a very useful software for all users who are fed up typing a large number of documents. This software will act as a magic wand for those users because users can save their documents without the process of colloquial typing. This tool is very efficient and gives better performance than other tool who promises the same things.

Readiris Pro is actually a smart optical character recognition software that can recognize optical characters as well as tables, columns, formatting like underline, Bold, italics etc. It is so optimized that it recognizes almost all the things mentioned above with little or no mistakes. The tool supports almost all western fonts, which can also consist of blended fonts. This is all about character recognition. Another important aspect of this software is that it can extract text from images or it can give outputs from OCR in various well known and popular formats like DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, HTML etc.

The user can even export the output to clipboard to use them in a more flexible manner. Users can even export the documents directly to various cloud computing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote etc. which can be considered as bonus features. This tool really worth a download.

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