Query Reporter

Database professionals and other users who are looking for a software tool, which can help them in creating HTML reports from the results of any SQL query against an Oracle database, will find Query Reporter to be most helpful. This software tool allows its users to create and run HTML reports from simple queries. Thus, users can define break, tubular, or detail reports from such simple SQL queries. Users will find the reporting functionality in PL/SQL Developer to be compatible with this software tool.

The Query Reporter software tool allows its users to refine the layout by defining various attributes such as fonts, colors, alignments, formats, and many more. Users can also define the headers, sums, background, and margins of the reports for greater refinement and customization. The graphic user interface makes it much simpler for the users to create new select statements or modify any of the existing ones. Users can use the drag and drop feature to move tables and views, select columns, and join them based on the foreign key constraint definitions.

This software provides its users with a command line interface, which allows users to run reports without any need for human intervention and then save the results in HTML files. They can then view these saved files with any web browser. This software also functions as an efficient SQL editor with options for syntax highlighting and alerting the users regarding any possible syntax errors. The users can export any report to XML, HTML, CSV or TSV formats or they can show the result directly on Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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