Q-Dir is a useful solution for people that need to work with multiple files and folders on their computer and are looking for something more powerful than Windows Explorer. After the installation is ready, users can start working with the tool and they can easily access multiple folders at the same time, as the app supports multi-tabbing. Each folder can be explored on its own and copy-paste operations can be achieved even by drag-and-drop.

Q-Dir allows users to set up a list of favorite directories they want to work with more often in order to have quick access to their content. They can also change the way files are displayed for easier management. The contents of a folder can be easily exported as a list into various formats, such as CSV, HTML or plain TXT.

Files can have color filters attributed within Q-Dir. This way, users can easily find the required files based on their format without having to read through the extensions. There are also multiple filters that can be added in order to find files even faster. Previews of various files are also available with the aid of the internal tools available in the utility, thus removing the need of other apps to do such a task.

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