Power 20 Fitness Trainer Pro

Power 20 Fitness Trainer Pro is a fitness tool that comprises of carefully crafted, effective workout routines following which you can get into the perfect shape in a short time. The program is essentially a full body workout involving the exercise of arms, chest, legs, abdominal muscles, neck, back, all in the same proportion. These workouts are aimed at improving the overall fitness with the exercises that focus on balance, strength, muscle tone. The app guides you through full body workouts of twenty minutes and requires no equipment. Moreover, it is designed to be diabetic friendly and helps lowering the blood sugar levels.

Simply start the app and get going! Jump, dive, dip and run! There is a foxy guide to tell you when to move and when to rest. Just twenty minutes a day and you will see your body transforming. All the workouts are made of body weight movements that can be easily done at home without any necessary equipment. It is safe and appropriate for people of all the ages. You can select from three different workout levels. The application also sees that it never gets boring. You will never be doing a minute and half of a single movement and each workout is a unique combination of movements.

To guide you well, each exercise is accompanied by clear, simple diagrams. You can listen to your favorite music while doing the workouts with any other application. The perfect workouts for achieving a dream body shape in twenty minutes a day! Start today with the PC version available with BlueStacks emulator!

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