Picture To Icon

Picture To Icon is an application that does what its title states, it converts pictures to icons. Icons are really useful for executable files as users can easily spot the app they need to run from many others, such as on the desktop. Each executable file has a standard icon and there are tools which provide more of them, but users can also choose to use a custom one.

Picture To Icon is able to work with multiple file formats that can be used as input. This way, users can import JPG, BMP or even CUR images into the application and have them converted into the icon format. Besides this, users have the possibility to extract different icons from various files, including EXE and DLL ones. These icons can be later used for another app or just saved as an ICO file.

Picture To Icon allows users to create icons as large as 240×240. There is also the possibility to use different color schemes, from a classic 2-color one to a true color scheme. There is the possibility to add multiple images on a single icon file. The utility is also able to keep track of transparent space of PNG images and transform it accordingly for the ISO file.

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