Phone Stick

There is certain software involvements through which you can be able to transfer your media files to an iPod or iPhone. But the accessibility of these software are very less such as like you will not be given access to the iPhone or iPod to copy medial files to your pc. Phone Stick is the particular type of media file transferable software which accommodates transferring of multimedia files both ways. That means this software will give you freedom in copying media files from your pc to the apple device and vice versa.

A common Apple device user would name the iTunes software for transferring media files to the iPod or iPhone. But you cannot deny the fact that you cannot transfer any kind of media file from your Apple device to your pc. That is exactly where the Phone Stick software intercepts with giving you the access to your Apple Device by opening it in Windows Explorer. This software will enable you to see your iPod or iPhone as a discoverable USB drive through which you can accommodate file transferring in both ways.

Also, this software has counterparts such as you will be able to transfer movies or video files to your Apple device without even caring to change the format of the video. You can directly transfer AVI, MKV or MP4 video files uploaded to your iPod touch or iPhone. But you will have to download the VLC media player application for iOS to play those movies directly.

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