Pepi Tree

Pepi Tree is a fun educational game for kids where they explore the tree dwelling animals with their habits in an interactive, fun way! Built upon an educational background focusing on the tree as a home for various animals, the app is specially intended to let the children learn many facts about them. These include the way they acquire their food, what they look like, where they live – on the leaves, in the branches or under the ground, what time they sleep and much more. Get this game, encourage your children to become friends and play with those lovely, cute tree inhabitants.

The animals included in the game are a spider, an owl, a caterpillar, a hedgehog, a mole, the squirrels. Every character in the game will be shown to live at different places and represent different tasks to be accomplished in the form of 6 interesting games. The players get to enjoy 6 games, some of which have levels inside. Along with this, you can listen to 6 original sound tracks which will impress you. You find over 20 cute characters to interact and play with. The game features beautiful, impressive animations and illustrations.

Play the way your imagination guides you without any stress or rule! Get the game for your PC today with BlueStacks App Player for a free trial!

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