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Editing PDF files is becoming an extremely common task these days. However, adding new options to a PDF file is not an easy job to deliver, and for this purpose, a person will need top quality Thumbnail generator software. There are a few such software programs in the market. Now, among all those software programs on offer, one of the best tools in this category is the PDF Thumbnail Generator software. This software can generate thumbnail from several options. It can do so from Bitmap images, i.e. from .BMP files, from JPEG images i.e. from .JPEG files.

The best thing about this software is that it can create thumbnails EMFs, i.e. Encapsulated Meta Files. This is an exciting and exclusive feature of this PDF Thumbnail Generator software. As soon as the user create a thumbnail and embed it into the PDF file, he or she can see the new thumbnails in the left column of the PDF reader or viewer. The software is entirely compatible with the commonest PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat.

The PDF Thumbnail Generator software provides the option to the user to choose that whether to open or even show the thumbnails when someone opens the PDF files. This is another exclusive feature of this high quality software. It is totally able to work with the latest versions of the Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. All these features make this software an automatic choice for the users all around the globe who are looking to add thumbnails into his or her PDF files.

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