Orphalese Tarot

Anyone who loves tarots, the Orphalese Tarot software is entirely designed for him or her. It is helpful for both the professionals and amateurs. Even deck collectors will find this tool extremely useful for them. This application seems to work as an original deck of cards. A user can do various things with these cards as per his or her choice.

The cards can get moved around the screen of the application. A person can shuffle the cards as per wish. Someone can deal the tarot cards and can also reverse them according to the needs. The Orphalese Tarot program allows a person to select any set of images as the face of the cards. This makes the visual effects of the cards much better. One of the most striking features of this software is that it works even with non-rectangular decks.

It even supports circular decks. This feature makes this tool much different with all other such applications available in the market. It supports different languages. The best thing about it is that it is totally free of cost for the employment of the users all around the globe. Orphalese Tarot tool is entirely compatible with the various versions of Windows Operating System.

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