Okdo PDF to PPT Converter

Okdo PDF to PPT Converter is a file converter that can be used in order to work with PDF and PPT files. Each of this format is useful in a way, such as the PDF is used for documents and the PPT is used for presentations. Even if, apparently, the two of them do not have too much in common, they can actually have content transferred between them.

Converting files is done with ease within Okdo PDF to PPT Converter as there are just a few steps that have to be achieved in the beginning. Firstly, users have to provide one or more files into the queue and afterwards, they can choose an output destination. Encrypted PDF files can also be converted with the aid of the app into the PPT format. Multiple documents can be converted simultaneously, as well as a large file at a time, for maximum efficiency.

Okdo PDF to PPT Converter can convert files in its standard mode but if Adobe Reader is installed, its functions can be imported and used. Multipage documments can be added in multiple ways onto slides, either in the 1:1 scale or at a different value. Projects that have been paused can be resumed at a later time if their progress has been saved.

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