NetDrive is a software based in FTP client and server architecture to perform some additional features which are beyond the scope of other software of the same category. The software helps in connecting FTP on remote servers and display in the form of a virtual hard disk.

With the help of this software one can easily manage remote FTP or even WebDAV server as like managing a piece of folder on a PC on Windows Explorer. What the user has to do is mount a local hard drive and simply transfer and synchronize files with an easy drag and drop interface. The software can transfer any type of file with the help of this software which may be an EXE, JPG, AVI or any other type of file irrespective of the filetype. The user may schedule the application to start automatically on Windows startup and mount the selected drivers and the volumes also. The software also supports a wide number of protocols including SSL, and HTTP (S).

NetDrive can be used for all kinds of purposes from commercial use to home users as well as office purposes. The software is equipped with a beautiful user interface and is designed in a way so that the novice users can also use it with minimum difficulty.

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