Users who face problems opening image files in formats that the Windows OS do not typically support will find the MysticThumbs software to be ideal for their use. This image viewer allows its user to view images not supported by Windows Explorer by plugging into it, which eliminates the need of running a separate application for viewing such image formats. Thus, users of this software can enjoy better views of different image file formats that typically do not look that good in Windows Explorer.

The MysticThumbs image viewer tool allows its users to open and view RAW photography images, Photoshop images, and DirectX game textures in never before seen clarity and quality. Furthermore, users can fully configure all the different file types that this software tool supports. The presence of the Context menu allows for the inspection of all the supported file types. Users can also opt for individual image customization with the help of the Context menu.

The MysticThumbs image viewer provides for enhanced support to the image types having native Windows support such as BMP, PNG, and TIFF. The software provides language support in a large number of languages, in addition to Standard English. This excellent image viewer is compatible with all the prevalent versions of the Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

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