MoonPhases is a small application that allows users to easily learn and keep track about the phases of the Moon. It can be installed with ease as it requires no special steps that have to be performed. Afterwards, users will notice that the app runs in the form of a gadget that can be placed on the screen.

The gadget of MoonPhases can be easily resized so users can see a much clearer image of the information that is offered. However, it can also be made smaller so that it can blend easier with the rest of the screen. The gadget has a few themes that can be changed, depending on the user’s liking, and there is the possibility to create a custom style, too.

MoonPhases provides insightful information about the current phase of the Moon. Upon hovering the mouse pointer over the gadget, more info will be revealed. Users can see the quarter in which the Moon currently is and they can read a brief calendar about the next full moon. For those that are interested, there are also a few astrology elements added with in the app and they are accessible after pressing the dedicated button on the gadget.

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