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Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 is a Microsoft product used for the design, distribution, filling, and submission of electronic forms with structured data. The main concept of this application is to separate the data from the formatting concerns. This approach is same as that of XML. This product was initially released by Microsoft in its MS Office 2003 suite. In the year 2010, Microsoft split this initial InfoPath application in to two different applications; One as InfoPath Designer 2010, which is used to create forms and also to define the data structures; and the other as InfoPath Filler 2010, which is used to fill the forms with data along with the submission procedure.

These two sub applications are in fact dependent on each other. In order to fill a form using Filler 2010 application, the user needs to have a Designer 2010 to develop an InfoPath template at first. The data stored in forms are stored in a XML format and are referred as ‘Data sources’. The application offers several controls such as textbox, checkbox, radio button, etc to present the data on the forms. All the fields are inter-bound with each other through the application of actions called ‘rules’. Much detailed actions are performed through data validation procedures, which can be performed through other Microsoft programming techniques.

The most common usage of this application is its integration with the MS SharePoint technology using the Form services. An InfoPath form, which is designed as browser based, can be hosted on SharePoint setup; and it turns up to be an HTML page with client side scripts, with post back behaviors resembling the ASP.NET pages. This application is included in the MS Office 2010 professional plus release. It has all the generic behaviors of the Office suite products and hence it is easy for any MS Office professional to understand the functionality. Having said that; this application can be well used by a programmer who understands the XML logic and language.

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