Metro Commander for Windows

Metro Commander for Windows is a file management solution for users who are tired of the classic features provided by Windows Explorer. This utility is designed to work on various versions of the Windows operating system, but it uses the Metro UI interface. This way, users have the possibility to get a glimpse of Windows 8 without having to install it on their computers.

Metro Commander for Windows has various features for users who want to manage their files with ease. It has a side by side folder window designed for those that want to transfer files between the two locations. A remote location can also be provided, such as an external hard drive or a CD in order to manage files. A simple burner tool is also provided for those that want to add files on discs directly from within the interface of this app.

Metro Commander for Windows has multiple configurable key shortcuts so that users can quickly perform different tasks without using the mouse. The interface can also be configured and the colors can be changed to suit one’s preferences. A SkyDrive account can be integrated with this application and users have the possibility to transfer files between an offline location and the online one.

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