Graphic Track Maker

Graphic Track Maker is a track layout maker tool, especially for the slot car races. Someone can also use it to find out new layouts for the sets of slot car races or for the sets of other such similar races. This tool can randomly create track layouts, or can also perform an exhaustive search to find out a particular track.

This application displays the track layouts graphically and also provides descriptions about it to help in visualizing and crafting the track design for the race. It helps a person to put on several sections of such slot car track and train track, such as – name, angle, number of sections, either the radius or the length of the outer edge etc.

After entering the search preferences, Graphic Track Maker can get used to search out new track designs randomly. If a person has lost a particular section of track, the random search will help him a lot. This program can also find out new tracks sequentially by following the mathematical laws. Thus, the search results produced will provide all the possible track design available. Layouts having small number of sections will find this type of results extremely helpful for their completion.

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