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A number of CD and DVD burning programs are available in the market, but they suffer from lack of convenience sue to packed features, which make the program difficult to understand by non-technical users. But BurnQuick Data/Audio CD/DVD Burner is a piece of program, which has a simple and easy to use interface and integrates with the Windows Explorer to give a hassle-free disk burning experience.

The program allows burning audio and data disks directly from the explorer. Writing files to disk is extremely easy and it can be accomplished with just a few clicks. User needs to select the desired file or folder and right click on them. On the drop down menu, users can select the QuickBurn option to start the burning process with a writable disk inserted into the writing device, Users can even decide to burn the files later on, by adding files to the file burning queue. This software has the feature to combine data and audio features in the software package. BurnQuick Data/Audio CD/DVD Burner also has additional features which include a re-writable disk eraser, disk spanning and disk copying.

BurnQuick Data/Audio CD/DVD Burner has a streamlined and a lightweight user interface which starts fast and files can be written with the help of a previously created queue with just a single click. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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