Freeletics Pro Fitness

Freeletics Pro Fitness is a useful health and fitness app that offers high intensity workouts for getting an athletic body just with the use of your bodyweight without any machines or weights. With this app, you get access to a large number of high intensity workouts including video tutorials. The built in timer allows tracking the time for each workout. You can compare your time with other users on the leaderboard and also follow your friends and compete with them. Share your progress and success with them easily. The program is specially designed keeping in mind all the levels of users, from beginners to athletes. For each exercise, it offers easier versions so that everybody can complete it.

Whatever be your fitness goal, losing weight and becoming lean, getting ripped or being the fittest person on the planet, this app would help you with everything you need to achieve it. The high intensity workouts are effective in burning fat and losing weight while building up muscle at the same time. Use it anywhere you are, at home or park or in the gym. The timer automatically saves your records after each workout. Compete with friends and the world to stay motivated and progress fast. Share your success with Facebook friends. Stay fit with the fully featured workout app!

The desktop version can be downloaded by using the search option of the BlueStacks App Player!

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