Folder2List is an application that can be used by users who want a management solution for their computer. Windows Explorer is just a basic manager and it is not able to provide support when it comes to more complex tasks, although users might need to accomplish them. Then, a third party solution is recommended and the current utility can provide support in a number of ways.

Folder2List has a rather simple interface so that users can guide themselves with ease throughout the various functions offered by the app. The main task that can be accomplished with the aid of the utility is the creation of file lists from folders. Users have the possibility to do this for the entire computer but this might take a while; instead, numerous small tasks can be performed easily and within a short amount of time.

Folder2List can create all sorts of lists with various information added into them. For example, playlists or photography lists can be created and metadata can be imported within the list. A file list with the contents of a folder can be created within seconds and users can export the needed list into multiple formats, including XLS and CSV. Multiple templates can be created and they can be saved for later use.

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