Emil’s PDF Reviewer

In today’s world, the uses of PDF files are becoming more and more in every passing day. In such a condition, it is essential to have a strong tool that can help someone to review or comment on these documents. Now, in to do this job, there are not many software tools that can offer better support that that of the Emil’s PDF Reviewer. It is an exclusively free of cost software tool for all the users and it helps a person to review PDF documents as per his or her wish.

The user can comment to any PDF document with the help of this software. He or she can also share those commented documents with others. This Emil’s PDF Reviewer is a perfect option for the purpose of reviewing business as well as academic documents. Anyone can view the commented and shared pages as these can get opened in any of the renowned PDF file viewers, like – Adobe Reader and many such others. The user can attach his comments to any of the contents in the file. He can comment on the text, can add his views about the images and figures and can also comment on the formulas present, if any, on the PDF document.

The best thing about this software is that the comments added into a PDF document through this software does not obstruct any of the content present in the PDF document. All the comments are categorically gets arranged one by one on the right side of the document, and indicates the text or figure or formula on which the comments are being made through a pointing indicator.

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