Easy-Lang is a software that was especially designed for all those users who are trying to get a better understanding of every subtitled movie they watch, this tool can be of great use for all those users who are looking to improve the language skills of a foreign language.

Instead of being called an entertainment tool this software should be called a language learning aid. The user will basically be able to watch the subtitled movies normally on any multimedia player the user prefers, the subtitles will appear over the movie as usual, but each line will also be displayed on the ‘’subtitles’’ screen, additionally the user will be able to use an online translator to get the meaning of each line.

This software gives the user extra control of the movies that are being watched by being able to repeat phrases as the user likes. The best part is that Easy-Lang offers support for several languages, this means a lot users around the world could benefit by using this software. If you need to find the subtitles for a movie, don’t worry! This software can be the perfect aid to find the subtitle you need. Easy-Lang works well on most windows OS.

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