Easy Diary

Diary writing is one of the most popular hobbies. The experience of writing a diary becomes easier than ever. It helps a person to note down all the appointments, reminders and memories. The most important feature of this software is that it keeps the data private. All the entries made by the user will be present only in the software database of the user’s computer, and no other person can access it from any other devices.

One of the striking features of Easy Diary which makes it different from such other programs in the market is that it is multi user supported. However, every single user possesses his or her single password. The data saved by a person in this application can only get opened after providing the correct password.

Someone can search with respect of dates, topics and others in his or her diary pages. Easy Diary user interface is attractive and customizable also. The dates in which there is an entry in the diary page is marked by red, bold round on the calendar of the interface. This helps the user to find out the important diary entries. It also offers the feature of importing as well as exporting data backup.

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