DTM Schema Reporter

Users looking for a reporting tool for the database schemas will benefit from the use of the DTM Schema Reporter. Thus, users such as database administrators and technical writers can create reports of varying complexity with the help of this reporting tool. This schema reporter software tool is capable of creating reports in a wide range of formats such as HTML, Excel, PDF, RTF that are compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Word, and many more. Therefore, users can create reports of database schemas in a wide range of formats using this reporting tool.

The DTM Schema Reporter software is capable of providing support for practically all the database interfaces that are in popular use. The choice of interface includes Oracle Call Interface, ODBC, OLE DB, and many more. This reporting tool is also very flexible in nature and allows its users to select any level of customization according to their requirements. Thus, users can choose from a set of primary and secondary report profile options to decide their level of report customization.

This reporting tool allows its users to simplify data processing to a significant level by creating multiple report profiles. The users are also able to alter the table order in the reports and add annotations to each table manually. This software allows its users to include a large number of database objects to their reports including views, tables, indexes, triggers, foreign keys, and many more. This reporting tool is compatible with the computers running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows Server 2008. Thus, users can create efficient reports for their database schemas using this reporting tool.

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