DSLR Timer

DSLR Timer is a small but useful application intended to help users who want to take multiple shots with a DSLR camera in order to create a timelapse video, for example. This tool can become extremely useful when nighttime photos of the sky must be taken, as there are exposure time settings that can be tuned.

DSLR Timer has a really fast installation process and afterwards, users can start working with it. Its interface is simple and users can start taking photos with their DSLR within seconds. There are no presets built in the tool and users can start doing their own and save them for later use. First of all, users have to define the number of photos they want to be taken by their camera.

This is the most important step while working with DSLR Timer and afterwards, the exposure time can be set. There are multiple values available but for best results, users should only limit to those that are built within their DSLR camera. The save time between photos must be defined and afterwards, the connection port between the PC and the tool must be selected. Afterwards, users can press the Ready button and the photos will be taken.

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