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A product from the house of Docudesk, DeskUNPDF Standard is a conversion tool that allows you to convert PDF documents to Word files. This tool is highly beneficial to users who want to have the capability of manipulating PDF files without actually possessing any PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This tool helps you to directly import your PDF documents into your Word tool such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice and implement your editing tasks. And all this can be accomplished at a very nominal cost; when compared to the actual cost of procuring Adobe Acrobat.

That perhaps explains the UNPDF included in this tool’s name as it basically allows you to handle a PDF document just like a non-PDF one. This is considered as a small and compact utility, thanks to its small size and easy installation process. The conversion process is quite simple; you need to select the PDF document that needs to be changed and the format to which you need to convert it. You have the choice to convert it to a Text file, Word file, or an OpenOffice document. You can also specify various configuration settings, where you can define the conversion process as per your specific requirements. And in this context, you can define page ranges that need to be converted, margin settings, formatting settings of text, etc.

You can also determine the manner in which the images in a PDF need to be treated during the conversion process. The tool also offers support for scanned documents, which can then be converted to any desired text format. This, however, requires the use of the OCR add-on. For those new to PDF documents or to computers; there is an extensive Help feature that can guide you through the various functionalities included in this tool. You can check out the tool using its one-page trial. The tool can be implemented in Windows 2000, 7, NT, XP, and Vista versions.

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