Desktop Authority MSI Studio

Desktop Authority MSI Studio is an application which is able to work with installer files in order for developers to create, edit or update installers that they have created for various programs. The tool is designed to work with MSI installers, these being the second most popular on the market after the classic EXE installers.

Users have the possibility to open an MSI file in order to edit its parameters and it is required for them to have the source files that were used when compiling it. However, if they need to make use of the app in order to create an installer, they can work faster. Users need to provide the files they want to add within the installer and they can choose if they want a single-file installer or if they want each file in its own location, a feature useful for discs.

Desktop Authority MSI Studio designs MSI installers for both 32 and 64 bit versions of software so that users can design the perfect software. MSI packages that have already been compiled can be compared for users to discover differences. Updates of installers can also be created and users can update their app with new versions while also changing the metadata so that people who install the app know what is happening.

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