Convert XLS

Convert XLS is an application that works with XLS files in order to convert them into various other formats so that users can easily export data within such a spreadsheet. There is the possibility to transform an XLS file into CSV, HTML, XML or even TXT. This way, users can find new utilities for various data they might have at their disposal, everything being ready in a matter of seconds.

Convert XLS has a simple interface and there are a few steps that must be performed before the new files are available for use. First of all, users have to provide one or more XLS files and have them added into the queue list. There is the possibility to convert batches of files by adding a folder where multiple of them are located. Users can also choose individual settings for each of the XLS files and convert them one by one.

Convert XLS supports task scheduling so that users can leave the PC idle and allow the app to work by itself. There are also special functions that can be used while converting the files, such as managing their passwords, but this will also launch Excel in order for people to achieve this. Batches can be paused and resumed later as the progress is saved and stored within the settings of the app.

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