Babylon is an office-oriented application that allows users to easily translate words, sentences or even whole texts. Although there is a useful website that people can use in order to translate texts, the tool provides more flexibility and gives access to more features that can be used with ease. The app can be installed within a couple of minutes and a shortcut placed on the screen will provide easy access to the translator tool. The program is distributed for free by its developers and users can make use of multiple features.

The application bundles together more than 75 different languages that can be selected in order to translate text. Any combination of them can be used and the tool will provide a reliable translation of the input text. However, users, especially those that use the app in an office environment, might need to translate more than a single sentence or paragraph. Text documents can also be translated with the aid of Babylon and the process will take just a few seconds to complete. However, users should know that the tool does not simply provide a large chunk of text; instead, it will preserve the original formatting of the document.

Human Voice pronunciation is an interesting feature that allows users to also learn how to pronounce words that they translate. This way, people can learn easier than by simply reading phonetic rules. The app uses a comprehensive dictionary database, but others can be installed within the library and they can be selected to work actively in order to provide even more accurate translations or various variants of a translation. The Optical Character Recognition, the base feature of the application, allows the tool not only to translate the single word that is selected, but it also provides a context, using the surrounding words.

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