Baby Connect

A very comprehensive, helpful baby tracking application that comes with powerful features like charts, graphical reports, medicine, weekly averages, vaccine, notifications, csv export, timers, emails, unlimited data, easy to interface and more. The app allows exchanging real time information with your babysitter, spouse, daycare or nanny wherever they are. Not only can you record nursing, feedings, diapers, naps, pumping, milestones but also temperature and mood of the baby, his gps location, type of game he plays and attach photos. With this tool, you can compare the data with the previous day and week averages and even view them on graphs for identifying trends.

The application lets you view when the last vaccine or medicine was given. You can also track height, weight, head size and even compare them with international percentiles. The most important advantage is that you get access to the updates about your baby from the caregiver even when you are away. It is possible to setup notifications that keep you informed about anything that happens. With all the information being transmitted automatically in detail to every family member and the nanny, your baby would receive far better care. Track feeding, nap, diaper, activities, mood, sleep, milestones, pumping, vaccines, medicines, weight, height, sickness in the easiest possible way.

The program lets you display the graphical charts for the baby’s activities. There are timers for tracking naps, feeding session, etc. You can enter birthday, allergies, blood types and upload photos for the baby, post charts and events on Twitter or Facebook, track multiple babies, setup push notifications. The app provides maximum security with password protection and serves as the perfect baby tracking utility you could have. Give it a try today on PC with BlueStacks App Player and enhance your baby caring experience!

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