ASCII Art Generator

ASCII Art Generator is an utility that can easily help users create ASCII images based on various sources. The tool can be installed with ease and users can then start working with the app right away. The interface of the generator is quite easy to understand and users can find the main options available in the left side of the screen. This way, they can choose to create ASCII art from an image, from a written word or from a free drawing.

Various images can be imported into ASCII Art Generator, as the tool provides support for multiple file formats and within a few seconds, the result will be displayed in the main screen. Users can fine tune a series of elements in order to create a more interesting end result or they can go for simplicity. People can choose from multiple fonts and change the size of them to create various effects.

ASCII Art Generator allows users to export the ASCII images in three different formats. This way, the results can be saved as images, HTML or RTF files. The free draw function of the app allows users to move the mouse and freely draw various elements with the aid of ASCII characters.

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