ALFTP is an FTP software for clients as well as the server. The software can be used by novice, intermediate as well as expert users without facing any kind of difficulties. The software has a number of features which makes it worth using among other software of the same category.

This convenient ALFTP Client and Server explorer let the users to cruise along the files and folders. The drag and drop interface helps in adding files in a way similar to Windows Explorer. The software has an additional feature which is “Transfer queues” that actually streamline file management with priorities and scheduling. File sharing with other users can be accomplished within a few seconds and that too using minimum bandwidth. A number of options can be set within the preferences drawer or the preferences can be reset when any annoying issue arises. One can easily resume incomplete downloads and modify the file contents directly on the server easily with the assistance of the Site Map, or send direct commands to FTP servers.

The software thus can be considered as a powerful one for FTP purposes and support a wide number of protocols and that too securely. The software also runs properly on all the versions of Windows and also the NT versions.

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