Advanced File Manager

Advanced File Manager is a powerful file management utility which can replace the need of working with Windows Explorer, as the standard tool does not provide the same amount of functions and flexibility. With the aid of this third party app, users can work with their files and folders much faster and in a more organized way.

Advanced File Manager has a simple interface with two tabs available, thus users can move files from one folder to another quickly, even with the aid of the drag and drop feature. Hidden files can be easily seen by activating an option within the tool for more functionality and they will be marked accordingly for differentiation. The tool can be run as a normal app or it can receive administrative rights for a better use.

Advanced File Manager allows users to quickly launch a command box in order to type in commands and it also features some custom commands besides the well known Windows ones. Folders which must be used constantly can be marked as favorites and this way, users will be able to access them with just one click. On the same principle, favorite applications can also have their shortcuts added within the tool.

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