Advanced CAB Repair

Advanced CAB Repair (ACR) is a highly effective device to fix broken CAB data files. It can check out the broken CAB records and restore your data in them as much as possible, so to reduce the loss in data file data corruption. Main features: can handle to fix all edition of Ms cupboard files; can handle MSZIP, LZX and Huge pressure methods; can handle to fix CAB data files on broken medias, such as weak drives, Zip drives, CDROMs, etc; can handle to fix a set of CAB files; provides an EXE stub and outcome a SFX data file when necessary; incorporated with Windows spend, so you can fix a data file with perspective selection in the Traveler easily; can handle to find and choose the CAB data files to be fixed on the consumer computer; can handle move & fall operation; can handle control line factors.

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