Zelda Classic

If you are familiar with the Legend of Zelda, then playing Zelda Classic will be a treat in itself. You can start afresh or take your obsession to another level with this amazing role playing game. there are all the elements of a classic role playing game and that is what makes Zelda Classic such a successful and entertaining game to play. explore the lands of Xyrule and fight the demons that come you come across in your quest. there are also a series of tools and objects to collect on your way as they will help you attain access to various doors, and face the ultimate monster of all times.

Zelda Classic is a great treat for beginners as well as fans of the Zelda franchise. The plot of the game is simple, the land of Hyrule had befallen in trouble as the Triforce of Power has lead to the Ganon to gain enough power to make himself turn invisible at will. Princess Zelda is worries that Ganon will try and access the Triforce of Wisdom soon, and so she has no choice but to shatter it completely and banish different bits of it into various parts of the kingdom so that no one can get to them. However, you need to reconstruct the Triforce of Wisdom and also use it to your advantage to defeat the Ganon.

The graphics of Zelda Classic are exceptional and also make for a very thrilling game to play. there are some amazing sound effects and sound track in the game that make it such a success. You get to explore the land of Hyrule at your own pace and time and this is a treat in itself. You have a number of weapons at your disposal and you must use them carefully to defeat Ganon and his evil forces.

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