ZD Soft Screen Recorder

ZD Soft Screen Recorder is an application that can be used by all sorts of users who need to record their screen. This process is useful in many situations; users might have to create video tutorials or they might just want to create a video of their gaming playthrough. Whatever the reason would be, the application is able to provide quality services for those that need them.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder has a simple interface with only a few buttons which are useful for accessing different elements. The application is able to record videos in AVI and WMV formats and there is also the possibility to record in high definition. This process is dependent on the computer’s resources, though. A frame counter appears while recording but this is not automatically added onto the video.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder allows users to define multiple audio sources and the synchronization of the audio with the video will be perfect. A hotkey can be used to start and stop video recording, but users can also schedule this task so it can start automatically. Screenshots can also be taken with the aid of another hotkey. Videos and images are saved in a designated folder chosen by the user.



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