Your Eyes Opened

This unique parental control software will help you monitor your kid’s activities. All online activities carried out are recorded. Your eyes opened will take screenshots at regular intervals that you set. This way the websites that your kid visits, the videos they watch or the pictures they view will be captured by screenshots for your information. The keystrokes are also logged and recorded for you to review later. This way you will always know what your child is doing.

Your eyes opened runs quietly in the background and your child will have no idea that it is running. There is an option that allows you to lock the software with a password. This way no one but you will have access to the software. The location where the screenshots get saved can be altered as per your wishes. The location can be anything from network server to a shared folder. The user interface is simple and the functions are all easily available. You can set the quality of the image that will be captured too.

The user has to set the number of captures per minute from the interface. It can be either four or two or one. The user can also access the capture folder right from the interface. The key log and screenshots already saved can also be viewed directly from the interface. It is not necessary that both screen capture and key logging have to be on simultaneously. With Your eyes opened the user can choose to have either option switched on by it.



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