Worry-Free Business Security Services

Do you own a small business? Then you must be very worried and concerned about the security questions of your precious treasure. As your well-wisher Trend Micro has brought about Worry-Free Business Security Services, a shield for small businesses like yours, from a secure, web-based and centralized management console. It provides state of the art protection for devices based on different OS like Windows, Mac as well as to Android devices. Looked after and monitored by Trend Micro experts, Worry-Free gets updates of latest threat definitions literally round the clock, keeping your business absolutely safe.

Worry-Free incorporates cloud-based detection of malware. The Smart Protection Network enables it to be regularly updated of the threats, providing global threat intelligence to all Trend Micro products. It also employs behavior analysis method to check whether suspicious programs hold any real threat. In this way it blocks malicious elements before they can do any harm to the business and prevents any chance of zero-day attack on the system. Chances of hijacking the websites and browsers are also reduced. A firewall very efficient and absolutely impregnable by any malware shields your information and transactions from every angle.

The suit offers prevention from infection from USB devices as well. If you wish you can lock confidential data from unauthorized viewers using Worry-Free. Similarly, with its help you can also block access of the employees to unwanted websites and thus can enhance employee productivity. As it requires no special IT knowledge for maintenance even a novice can handle it. Therefore now with Worry-Free be protected in your office or on the road.



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