WordWeb is a mandatory application for everyone that works in an office or does projects for school, and not only. Every user that constantly needs to check definitions of various words and other aspects related to linguistics must have this free program installed on his computer, because there are a lot of possibilities when working with such a versatile dictionary. The interface is split between different tabs related to the searched word. In each tab, users can find information about a certain word, based on different sources. These sources can be the preset ones or users can choose their own sources which can be used. Wikipedia or Wiktionary, for example, are two word resources that can be used in the tool.

Each source will provide as much info as possible related to the word, starting from its basic definition. The others are numbered and each of the following definition will be accompanied by a source regarding the first known usage in a certain context, along with other info. The semantic field of each word will be displayed and the application will work in order to provide the best results. Antonyms and similar words are also displayed in a list and each of the results can be accessed for further info.

In its basic form, the dictionary makes use of the Oxford Dictionary of English in order to provide the most accurate word definitions, as they are listed and updated constantly. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is also added in the database and it can also be used in order to provide word definitions and pronunciation rules. Each of these rules is accompanied by an audio example so users can easily listen and repeat the chosen word in order to get rid of any speaking issue they might have. Overall, this application is a powerful resource that allows people to discover and study various aspects of English language.

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